Missing permanent teeth cause aesthetic and functional problems. Till recently replacement of such missing teeth was done either by removable dentures or fixed bridges. Neither of these solutions is ideal and each has its own disadvantages.

Removable dentures can slip or cause difficulties in speech and in some cases cause ulceration of the mucosa. Fixed bridges take support from teeth adjacent to the missing teeth which need to be reduced in size to accept crowns. Since the bone in the area where the teeth are missing does not bear any load it may lead to disuse atrophy and bone loss results.

Recurrent decay, periodontal (gum) disease often cause failure of removable dentures and fixed bridges and may require replacement every few years. Now there is a solution to these problems in the form of dental implants at OakHeights family Dental care Dallas. Instead of being supported by soft tissue of the jaw bone in the case of removable dentures or the neighboring teeth in the case of bridges-implants are fixed directly to the jaw bone and the missing teeth are fixed on them.

Dental implants are made up of titanium which has the property of fusing or attaching to bone ( a process called osteontegration) a fortuitous discovery made by Dr.Branemark in the 1950’s There are several types of dental implants and the most commonly used are root form implants. Dental implants may be used to replace single or multiple teeth or can even be used to replace the full complement of teeth.

According to Dr. Marneni, member of American Dental Implant Association, the procedure is usually carried out in two stages. The first, the implant of OakHeights Family Dental care Dallas city, is placed in the jawbone and the second, the tooth is fixed to the implant of OakHeights Family Dental care Dallas. When the patient first comes in an x-ray is taken to assess the height of bone available and in cases where multiple dental implants are required a dental C.T. may be taken. If these show any deficiency in the bone height bone grafting and other bone augmentation surgery may be required before implants are placed.

Once it is established sufficient bone is present the dentist surgically places the implants in the required area in the jawbone. This is usually done under local anesthesia and as an outpatient procedure. After a waiting period of 4-8 weeks the patient is called back and the replacement teeth are fabricated and fixed to the implants. In cases where teeth have been recently extracted the patient may have to wait for few months for healing to be completed before implants can be placed. But if sufficient bone is present in the extracted region it may possible to place the implant immediately after the extraction. However utmost care will be taken by dental staff of OakHeights family dental care Dallas, basing on patient’s dental condition.

Dental implants provided by affordable dental implants of OakHeights family dental Dallas offer many benefits over removable dentures and fixed bridges.

[1] Implant dentures of OakHeights Family Dental care Dallas city, look natural and function like natural teeth.

[2] The dental implant of OakHeights Family Dental care Dallas, is a life time replacement and is definitely more durable than dentures and brides.

[3] When compared to the removable dentures, which may be loose and make chewing and speaking difficult implant dentures, are more stable as they are fixed to the jawbone. Moreover they need not be removed and washed unlike removable dentures.

[4] The insecurity that the conventional dentures wearers have about dentures slipping and clicking is totally eliminated by implant dentures.

[5] Most conventional dentures wearers complain about diminution of taste sensation and difficulty in speaking as the upper denture covers the whole palate. Since the implant dentures are fixed directly to the bone the palate is not covered. Therefore neither speech nor taste is affected.

[6] The inherent instability of conventional dentures forces most dentures wearers to opt for a limited diet. Implant dentures of OakHeights Family Dental care Dallas, do not impose any such restrictions and the patient is free to eat whatever her or she desires.

[7] Conventional dentures have to be removed for cleaning and during bed time. This may make the patient feel and look older. Implant dentures of OakHeights Family Dental care Dallas, which need not be removed, will definitely add to the patient’s self esteem and confidence.

Dental implants offered by affordable dental implants of OakHeights Family Dental care Dallas, are the treatment of choice to replace missing permanent teeth and as seen above offer the advantages of aesthetics and functionality closest to the natural teeth.

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